Impossible until it’s done

It was Saturday morning and again a departure was looming. This time I was to fly to London for discussions with counterparts at EBRD. I was agitated, somewhat anxious the way I always am before I travel. Shaving cream, check. Eye drops, check. Noise cancelling headphones, charged. Don’t forget the Advil, I always get a headache when I fly. The trick, take the Ibuprofen before you board and again at the end of the flight, experience is the mother of all rookie mistakes. Agitated I remained because the office wouldn’t let me fly Air France. Brussels airlines it was going to be. Too much of a price difference they said. Lead by example, I have to, I’m the boss, even if every other person trave

Understanding Disappointment

This week Stephen Hawking died. I met him once, and as I approached like so many others, I stepped back after seeing how frail and broken he really was. What wasn’t broken was his mind, which was obvious. This brilliant man once said “When one's expectations are reduced to zero, one really appreciates everything one does have”. I guess this is what you get when you live a life with the kind of disabilities he had to endure. When I learned of Hawking’s passing and I remembered his quote, I got to thinking. Maybe Hawking was trying to tell us something that had nothing to do with his disabilities, but maybe he was talking about the fabric of mankind. Maybe what this genius was trying to say ma

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