What to do when you meet Prince Charming and he’s not a Prince?

A dear friend of mine called me a few days ago to tell me she was considering re-marrying. Having been divorced now for several years with younger children, she was concerned about taking a second plunge. She went through the traditional phases of having a bad break-up, all men are the same, you can’t trust any man, men only want one thing, you name it. A half a billion men on Earth and she had decided they were all evil. She began telling me about her new bow, how nice he was, how considerate he was, how charming he was, but she said he was lacking in the looks category. Everything about him was a 10, but sadly he was lacking George Clooney features. I let her vent and then asked her this q

Naming Mo

I was just seven years old sitting on the family couch when my father came home. I was always very happy when he walked in the door, but this would prove to be no ordinary day. It was the spring of 1967 and when my father came home the first thing he said to my mother was that we could no longer stay in Egypt. He didn’t explain, my father just said we need to leave within the week and that we would be moving to the United States. My mother was stunned. With five children, how could she pack up a house in a week? He stressed the urgency, and she seemed to understand. Everything was packed quickly. Years later as I got older, I realized that my father had fallen out of favor with the governmen

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