Remembering my mother's loss

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. Today, on the anniversary of my mother's passing, I can say that likely every second will be spent remembering and honoring her. I know now why throughout my life my mother asked me to be strong. It must have been because she knew that one day I would need the strength to bear her loss. I also know now that when you lose someone you truly love it never goes away. You too die as often as you remember that person's loss. It was on this day my mother passed after she stayed in the hospital for several day as the Egyptian revolution unfolded around her. She awoke once for a few hours with my sister at her side. She asked my sister to call me and her last words

Why Egypt’s Revolution Starts With One

The anniversary of the January 25th revolution is upon us once again. This anniversary leads us to the realization that those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violence inevitable. Five years have now passed and it is clear that every revolution evaporates and little is left behind unless a new mind set for the nation sets in. We need a nation of justice, of law, of equality, where no one is left behind. No man stands taller because of his position, beliefs, or his wealth. A country where the public purse is not defended by one, but by all. A country that stands uncorrupted, and incorruptible. We also have to be a nation of one, one mindset, with each one of us causing change

Reflections of Years Gone By

The end of 2015 is near, and in a few minutes it will be the year’s final curtain. It hasn’t been the easiest of years, and as with every year’s end, I feel obliged to run through my head everything that was, what could have been, and what failed to be. To be clear from the start, there is no doubt that I've lived a life that's full, and without question I’ve traveled the world and seen each and every highway. Regrets, I've had a few, but honestly, too few to mention. Where I am today is the result of a very well planned and charted course with each careful step taken towards a definitive direction. I always did what I had to do, and I saw things through regardless of the challenges that sto

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