Passing of a dear friend

Yesterday I learned of the passing of a dear friend of mine at the age of 65. He retired at the age of 62, mandatory retirement, for staff at the World Bank. His plan was to retire at 62, even though he could've retired much earlier with the same benefits that he had accrued. He always used to say to me that when I turn 62 I will see the world, I will travel to exotic places and I will do everything I haven't been able to do for all the years I've been at the Bank. He had annual physicals every year, very intrusive physicals, to make sure he was healthy in every possible way and he was a health freak. And, in every physical his test results always came up roses. So, he retired at 62 and the

Resent in memory of my late father, Dr. Ahmed Fouad Sherif.

Friends on this day, August 6 1976, my father, Dr. Ahmed Fouad Sherif, died unexpectedly at the age of 50. He was truly a brilliant man who was an international scholar and can only be described as a genius by any measure. He had two Ph.Ds from the University of Chicago and the London School of Economics. He won the Wall Street Journals prize for finance in his early 20s and was a pioneer in every respect. He created the National Institute for Management Development, NIMD, now the Sadat Academy, and is known to this day for his pioneering work on executive training and capacity building. He became Minister for Cabinet Affairs and Administrative Development in 1976, at the age of 49 and later

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