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Dr. Khaled Sherif is a development professional with unique expertise and experience.  Dr. Sherif has worked for the World Bank since 1990, and has held various senior positions in the world’s largest development agencies, including the African Development Bank, and the US Agency for International Development. 


At the World Bank, Dr. Sherif led the economic reform efforts of several countries prominent among them Romania and Ukraine. Dr. Sherif was the principal economic advisor to both the former Romanian President, Traian Băsescu, and the former President of Ukraine, Victor Yushchenko. Dr. Sherif charted out the pathway to both Romania’s and Ukraine’s economic development, which resulted in Romania becoming the fastest growing economy in Eastern Europe. 


Dr. Khaled Sherif served as the Vice President of Operations for the African Development Bank for over half a decade. Dr. Sherif has experience in every country in Africa, and has worked on the development efforts of the 54 nations that make up the African continent. Dr. Sherif has counseled various African heads of states, and countless senior government officials on economic reform. 


Dr. Sherif also has vast experience working across the Arab world. Dr. Sherif has worked on the development programs of Algerian, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, and Sudan. Dr. Sherif was also the senior economic advisor to the Minister of Economy of Abu Dhabi. 


Dr. Sherif is a crisis management economist. His experience is primarily in public enterprise reform, where he headed the privatization department at the World Bank. Dr. Sherif has vast experience in the areas of private sector development, financial sector reform, and in managing economic volatility across the developing world. 


Dr. Sherif has over 35 years of experience in economic development, multilateral development banks, and served in positions such as Chief Economist for Abu Dhabi, and held the titles of Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Vice President Regional Development Integration and Business Delivery Complex in the African Development Bank, and the head of the privatization and public sector reform department at the World Bank. 


Dr. Sherif has development experience in over 70 countries covering the entire African continent, the Arab World, Eastern Europe, and South and East Asia. Dr. Sherif has also contributed to the development of over 30 country economic strategies, better known as Vision 2030 development approaches. 


Dr. Sherif has published extensively on various topics related to economic development. Dr. Sherif is the author of 7 books and over 3,000 published articles and blogs. Dr. Sherif regularly speaks in development forums and think tanks, and is regularly interviewed on Bloomberg news on various economic topics, and the management of country specific economic crises. 


Dr. Sherif is an academic and has been a professor of economics and management at George Washington University, American University (Washington DC), and has taught at Cairo University, Helwan University, and the American University in Cairo. Dr. Sherif is also a certified professional management trainer in the areas of effective people management, finance, and economic development related topics. 


Through out Dr. Sherif’s career, he has been the recipient of numerous staff awards for excellence in managing team. Dr. Sherif was selected as manager of the year in two multilateral development banks for leading departments efficiently, and for managing teams in excess of 500-1000 team members effectively. Dr. Sherif has also won several awards for excellence in the delivery of complex development projects, and for the drafting of several economic strategies. 


Dr. Sherif has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, a Master’s degree in Economics, a second Master’s degree in Political Science, and a PhD in Public Policy and Management from Boston University that he earned in 1986. 

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