The Princess and I

To my recollection, it was about 22 years ago that I had an experience I infrequently relive. It wasn’t pleasant for sure and was a product of a chance meeting between myself and a person I can best describe now as a former celebrity. That day, which I remember vividly, was the culmination of almost a month worth of travel for myself in Africa. I was supervising two of my World Bank projects and had spent the previous weeks in Kenya and now it was time to go home. For a person like myself who spent a quarter of a century in the development business home had become a relative term. Home became where I was spending the largest amount of time of the year and that was in Washington. At that stag

Every day is a journey

To commemorate being given Gold status for life on BA for the number of miles I’ve flown over a quarter of a century! Another Adventure, My Saturday Trip from Washington to Abidjan: 5:30 PM: An hour away from getting on a plane again and I’m anxious. I’m always like that before I travel, anxious and trying to make sure that I don’t forget anything I need. As always, everything was packed from the night before. The same roller bag, the same brief case, and of course the same blazer because it holds up more than anything else I have. Today is a twenty hour plus journey and it makes it 501 times that I’ve crossed the Atlantic in 26 years. When I got to 500 I counted myself lucky, one engine fir

Forever young

I wanted to thank all of you for the outpouring of well wishes on my birthday. From phone calls, emails, text messages, messenger, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, thank you for reminding me I am way too accessible, and how much I hate technology. Over the past year, living in Abidjan has been an amazing experience. I'm trying my hand at French after failing to master the language over and over again. As is my practice, when I fail in any subject, I try again, and if I fail again, I try a second time. By the third time, and this is where I got my smarts, I pretty much give up and move on to something else. And, as it turns out I've already learned that a bientot does not mean you have a nice

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