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Performance Contracting for Public Enterprises

(upon request)

Marketing and International Trade (Arabic)

(upon request)

Egypt's Liberalization Experience and its Impact on Public Sector Performance (Arabic)

(upon request)

Introduction to Management (Arabic)

(upon request)


Crisis and Capital Flows

Developing Countries and the Globalization of Investment (upon request)


The Financial Crises in Russia and East Asia: How the World Bank Can Help (upon request)


The Role of International Guarantee Agencies in Enhancing Private Investment (upon request)


The Internet and Its Impact on the Globalization of Banking Products








Magazine Features


Permanent and Hot Capital Flows: The Crises of Mexico, the Tigers and Russia and the Possible Impact on Arab Financial Markets


Progress With Privatization: The Experience in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (upon request)


Private Participation in Infrastructure in Developing Countries: Lessons for the Transition Economies (upon request)


Using Severance to Facilitate Liquidation: How the World Bank can Help (upon request)


Reforming the Private and Financial Sectors in the Transition Economies of Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union (upon request)


Restructuring Lessons for Public Banks (upon request)


Private Sector Development in Southeast Europe (upon request)


Egyptian Development

Globalization of Investment and Its Impact on the Developing World (upon request)

Egypt's Economy (1990) (upon request)


Privatization in Egypt (1990) (upon request)


Privatization in Egypt -- Part II (1990) (upon request)


Egypt - Economic Reforms (1990-91) (upon request)

Middle East Times Articles

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