Life hidden in a bag of M&Ms

We sat on his bed. He’d snuck in a big bag of M&Ms into his room and the routine was always the same. He’d open the bag, and separate the chocolate colored ones from the rest. The dark ones were his, the colored ones were mine. This was fine with me because I always got more. We were no more than ten, just kids. After that, it all changed. A short time later, his mother died. He’d lost his mother at no more than ten years old. After his mother’s passing, I went to see him, to play and study together, like we always did. When I arrived at his house, I remember all the lights being on, but darkness was everywhere. The mood was what you would expect it to be. A house full of sadness and heartb

Ambition and the three doors of Life

Destiny is easy to accept when things are going your way. When they’re not, we choose to no longer call it destiny, but injustice, treachery, or bad luck. This story is about a woman whose destiny wasn’t easy to accept. A woman that struggled with life’s dualities like love and hate, war and peace, good and evil, right and wrong, and truth and lies. It is for one specific lie that she will be remembered by many. For most people the duality of things like right and wrong represent forces in opposition that don’t have to stay that way. Some people choose to do mostly the right things, or mostly the wrong things, and they remain consistent in their decision making through out their lives. But,

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