Thoughts on Egypt's recent Investment Conference

For my good friends from Egypt, I have been following some of your recent Facebook posts with both concern and surprise. As Egypt has just concluded its Investment Forum, I was particularly shocked to read a small number of posts that seemed to imply that it is in Egypt’s best interest to have its economy collapse even further. Some posts showed outright scorn for the recently concluded investment conference, others joked about the creation of a new capital city for the country, a major point of discussion in the conference, and many ridiculed everything about the conference down to the selfies taken with the President. For all of those that wish Egypt to fail further still, and I hate to di

Monkeys Playing the Guitar

When I was a young boy, I remember watching a television program about monkeys. The premise of the program evolved around the question to what degree can you train an ape. The first test they put the monkeys through was to see what would happen if they gave a group of ape’s guitars. One ape quickly trashed his, broke into little pieces and jumped on what was left of it for maximum effect. Another strummed it, generating a horrible sound, then broke his too. After seeing this, I figured the scientists must have concluded that music lessons were out of the question. Sadly, I remembered this story after watching three different news videos this week. The first was a video where a group of Iraqi

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