The tears of joy

Throughout my lifetime, like so many of us, there have been those bumps in the road, those challenges that ultimately bring many of us close to our breaking points. I was raised by a father, a disciplinarian, who didn’t think it right for a boy to cry. I was told at a very young age that boys don’t cry and I took that lesson to heart. While never wishing to disappoint my father, I let him down the day he died. I cried. Being only 15, I didn’t think I could ever stop crying. There are still those days so many years later that I remember the circumstances of his passing and I cry on the inside. I cried when my mother died as well with a certain level of grief that only becomes you when you rea

On Days that are Remarkable

Most days of the year are unremarkable. They begin and end with no lasting memories made in between. Most of the days that pass have no impact on the course of our lives in any meaningful way. But, there are those days, so few to count, that are remarkable and that do leave lasting memories tattooed in our brains. The birth of a child would be one such day, the death of a parent yet another. But, today we want to remember the remarkable that was good, not the things that broke us, or left us challenged. What doesn’t qualify as “remarkable” is when one attains some form of financial, professional, or academic success. These are the things that seem remarkable for a short period and lose their

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