Arablish: A New Egyptian Language

Having recently returned from Egypt I was mesmerized by how much has changed in just the past few years. Clearly, Egypt is going through both a cultural and social revolution not just a new form of political discourse. This was very apparent to me especially in my interactions with colleagues in Egypt’s civil service training college where I ran various executive development seminars as a volunteer. Not only were participants much more open on their views across a broad spectrum of issues, I discovered the emergence of a completely new language most of which was unknown to me. I call this new language Arablish, a form of overlap between English and colloquial Arabic. As it turns out, Arablis

Why the Egyptian Revolution Isn't Over

After this week’s unfortunate events, several people asked me when would Egypt’s revolution(s) end and when will we see peace and security restored? The problem is that the revolution(s) were not about toppling a leader, a dictator, who remained in power for over thirty years. It was much more complicated than that. Egypt’s “revolutions” are not over and other waves of unrest may just be around the corner. The reason I believe this to be true is that the basis for the on-going conflict has at its core a struggle between the haves and the have not’s. Fundamentally, the disappearance of the middle class is at the heart of what Egypt is struggling to deal with today. It is our income distributi

Egypt: No Winners, 100 Million Losers

If you followed the Egyptian media during the days of the Presidential elections, one hopes that what is coming next won’t be de-je-vu all over again. The two candidates while awaiting the final vote tally that was to decide who Egypt’s next President was to be was quite telling. The two candidates in the running both announced to the general public that they were the winners early on even though the final election results were not out. A spokesman for one of the aspiring candidates said in the press two days before the results were to be announced that their sources indicate their camp won by 53 to 48 percent. The other camp quickly issued their own press release saying it was they who had

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