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On Days that are Remarkable

Most days of the year are unremarkable. They begin and end with no lasting memories made in between. Most of the days that pass have no impact on the course of our lives in any meaningful way.

But, there are those days, so few to count, that are remarkable and that do leave lasting memories tattooed in our brains.

The birth of a child would be one such day, the death of a parent yet another. But, today we want to remember the remarkable that was good, not the things that broke us, or left us challenged.

What doesn’t qualify as “remarkable” is when one attains some form of financial, professional, or academic success. These are the things that seem remarkable for a short period and lose their luster quickly.

There are so few days in ones life that we can truly define as remarkable. Meeting someone amazing is one such example, that is not in doubt. This invariably is when you meet that special someone who took your breath away, a person that moved you in ways like no one else.

If your lucky, this is a person you managed to hang onto for a life time. If you weren’t lucky, this was the one that got away.

So, take a minute on Valentine’s Day and think of what days in your life were truly remarkable. Undoubtedly, this will relate to when you met “the one”. He or she may not be your husband or wife now, your boyfriend or girlfriend, and it may have ended years ago. What didn’t end, what won’t go away, is the remarkable days this person gave you, that special feeling that no one else was able to give you.

Over the years, you doubted everything. You doubted that stars are fire, you doubted that the Earth moves. you doubted yourself, but you never doubted your feelings for this person.

The memories of this person seem to challenge the lapse of time, and the memories you have help you navigate when all goes gray.

In the final analysis, if fate didn’t bring you together, and maybe that person is now with someone else, you’ve never denied that something remarkable happened to you as a result of meeting “the one”.

That person made you feel special, made your life remarkable, even for a short while.

So, take the time today, Valentine’s Day, to do nothing more than to send that person(s) a wave. Some sort of mention to say thank you for the remarkable impact they had on your life. I think they would appreciate knowing this and knowing that you identify a remarkable time in your life with the time you spent together.

Remarkable remains remarkable no longer how much time has passed and count yourself lucky to have had someone like this in your life that made everything special.

Remarkable is what defined the happiest days of our lives and to that special someone we owe everything. We owe them the gift of making us feel love. We owe them the gift of making us feel alive.

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