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The Meaning of Love

When I acquired the knowledge, I reached the twilight of my career. When I had all the answers, the questions changed. When I was sure of failing, I succeeded. When I learned to cry, I became dull to pain. When I mastered the skill of forgiving, treachery ended. When I understood how to operate in darkness, the sun came out. When I came to love the rain, storms became infrequent. When I learned to accept the good with the bad, I no longer understood the difference between the two. When I knew how to plan for the unexpected, everything became predictable. When I could depend on myself, I longed for the companionship of others. When nothing made sense, everything started having meaning. When I stopped believing, I found God. When I asked for forgiveness, there was no need for salvation. Misfortune introduced the world to me, and good fortune introduced me to the world. When I had everything, I realized that the only thing that I ever wanted was love.

(With thanks to Sophia Lauren for the inspiration!).

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