Egypt: Taking the meaning of a Welfare State one step too far

Egypt has been blessed to have been the country that produced some outstanding thinkers in its modern history. Some are more famous than others, some more fortunate than others, and some with more luck than others. Among these amazing men and women was one of the finest people I ever knew. A man who won the Wall Street Journal prize for finance at the age of 25, holder of two Doctorates from both the University of Chicago and the London School of Economics, founder of Egypt’s first business school, and the accolades are too many to mention here. This man, after an illustrious career at the United Nations, and being exiled from Egypt during the last half decade of Nasser’s rule, was brough

An Egyptian Mother and Son Bonding Experience

Monday morning began like any other day of the year. The kids getting ready for school, Dad just about to go to work, Mom heading out shortly afterwards. The daily ritual always begins with Dad kissing the kids goodbye, and Mom waiting outside on the corner to get the kids on the school bus before she drives off to work too. The school bus was running late, and Mom had an early morning class to teach at Cairo University, but the bus being late was never a big surprise. Cairo traffic is unpredictable even at 7:30 in the morning. As the bus approached, Mom was relieved because now she didn’t have to go so far out of her way if she had to drive the kids to school. The kids boarded the bus i

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