January 25th, a day Egyptians will never forget

January 25th, 2011 began like any normal Tuesday in Egypt except that it was a national holiday (Police Day). I had arrived three days earlier to the news of my mother being ill and in hospital. Everything in Egypt was normal on January 23rd and 24th although we all expected demonstrations on Tuesday the 25th. But, virtually everyone including the security services thought very little would come of it. On Tuesday January 25th the Imam in our mosque encouraged people to go to Tahrir and join other demonstrators. I hadn’t gone to the prayers, and maybe because I was so preoccupied with family matters, I couldn’t sense the gravity of the situation. As prayers ended I could see from our wind

Tahrir Square, batata and a wedding

Fridays in Egypt aren’t what they used to be. In Fridays past, you typically would sleep in and as the noon hour approached you’d walk to the neighborhood Mosque where you would meet friends and pray gamaa (as a group). After noon prayers, my friends and I would go to the Maadi Club, play a little soccer, have tea, and then we would agree to do it all over again the next Friday. What fun. But, one thing seems to have been added to the Friday agenda. You still sleep until noon, you still go to the Mosque and the Club, but now you have to go to Tahrir Square and join the latest “millioneya,” the million man/woman march which seems to be an event on most Fridays. Every millioneya gets a nam

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